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Current Research Projects

  • Coding for relay-assisted down-link cellular networks: We study the effect of cooperation for general down-link system where the base station is assisted by LTE-style relays. We show that cooperation, in the form of superposition coding, rate splitting and interference cancellation outperforms non cooperative strategies in both overall throughput and energy efficiency.

  • Code Design for Multi-Terminal Networks: We investigate the problem of code design for multiterminal systems by seeking fundamental design guidelines and devised examples of code constructions that approach the theoretical optimum. While many codes are known to perform well on simple point-to-point channels, the problem of designing codes for networks with a larger number of users is still an open challenge.

  • Random Coding For General Multiterminal Networks: We focus on the problem of obtaining a general achievable region based on random coding arguments for a channel with any number of transmitters an receivers. Thought the use of graphical Markov models, we define a compact representation of any scheme combining coded time-sharing, rate-splitting, superposition coding and binning. From this representation it is also possible to readily obtain the corresponding achievable region.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Here is a my CV with also a list of my publications and references

Information of Speech by Other Professor

  • Quantum Information Theory
    Professor Min-Hsiu Hsieh
    11/02 13:20-16:20 & 11/03 09:00-11:50
    Engineering Building 4 Room 824, NTCU

    • Here is the link to the speech lecture.

  • Information-theoretic Methods in Security
    Professor Nicola Laurenti
    Part I: Communication Aspects
    12/29 13:20-16:20 @ ED203 & 12/30 09:00-12:00 @ ED103 & 12/31 13:20-16:20 @ ED203
    Part II: Network Aspects
    1/5 13:20-16:20 @ ED203 & 1/6 09:00-12:00 @ ED103 & 1/7 13:20-16:20 @ ED203

    • Here is the link to the short course information.