Stefano Rini Ph. D.

In Short

    I obtained my Ph.D. from the University of Illinois an Chicago (UIC) with the thesis Cognition and Cooperation in Wireless Network: an Information Theoretic Perspective. My adviser was Prof. Daniela Tuninetti and we worked with Prof. Natasha Devroye.

    After the completion of my Ph.D I've been a postdoctoral student at the Insititute for Communications Engineering at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM), Germany with Prof. Gerhard Kramer and at Stanford University with Prof. Andrea Goldsmith.

Contact Me

    Engineering Building 4, Room 729
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    National Chiao-Tung University
    No. 1001, Ta-Hsueh Road
    Hsinchu, Taiwan 30010 Republic of China

Research Interests

  • Information Theory

  • Communication Theory

  • Coding Theory

  • Computational Neuroscience for the Human Auditory System