Course info of 2015 Fall-Information Theory.


The lecture will begin on Sep. 15th and take place at EDB07.

We have a speech on Sep. 29th, so the first hour of the lecture will take place at ED824.(Speech information)

Make up classes times: Oct. 3rd PM 1:00 ~ 4:00, Oct. 9th PM 1:00 ~ 4:00.

Lecture time on Dec. 29th we will have a short course at ED203.(Short course information)


First class ppt

Time Table

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Homework 1
File for homework 1(Due on Sep. 25th)
Homework 2
File for homework 2(Due on Oct. 9th)
Refer to the chapter 1 of this textbook: An Exploration of Random Processes for Engineers, do problems 1.3, 1.7, 1.13, 1.17, 1.21, 1.22, 1.24, 1.25, 1.27, 1.31(don't need to hand in this one)

Homework 3
File for homework 3(Due on Oct. 23rd)
Homework 4
File for homework 4(Due on Nov. 6th)
Exercise for stochastic process(don't need to hand in this one)
You can refer to "An Exploration of Random Processes for Engineers" and "Introduction to Probability Models tenth ed by Sheldon M. Ross"
Homework 5
File for homework 5(Due on Dec. 7th)


Useful Links

Stefan M.Moser's Lecture Notes

A Mathematical Theory of Communication

TA Information

Tzung-Cheng Chi
Engineering Building 4, Room 716A